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Daily Archive: January 20, 2017

Embrace Fruit And Milks Delivery

Australians are working harder than ever before. According to research conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co operation and Development, Australians work more hours than people in any country in Europe, or the United States, Canada, or Japan. In the developed world, only Koreans spend more time on average than the 1,855 hours per week that Australians work. When it comes to annual leave, only two countries in the developed world have a lower entitlement than Australia: the United States, where there is no minimum annual allotment of leave, and Japan, where workers are entitled to a minimum of only two weeks annual leave per year. Despite this, surveys also show that more and more Australians are cooking at home, attempting to use fresh seasonal produce in their pursuit of healthier home meals. This is where fresh fruit and vegetable delivery represents a real convenience to house holds whose members work long hours and may not have enough time to go shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, by skipping the lengthy and complex supply chains that are used by the major supermarkets, the fruit and vegetables that are delivered by fruit and vegetable delivery services can be fresher than it is possible to buy in shops. 

Office fruit delivery is another innovation that is growing in popularity among Australian work places. The great advantage of regular fruit deliveries to the office is that they help to make staff feel valued and promote a healthy working environment. Fruit in the work place, in addition to being healthier than the typical work place snack, help to boost energy: the natural fructose sugars that are present in fruit help to stave off mid afternoon slumps in energy, boosting productivity throughout the day. According to research that has been conducted using sample groups in the United States of America and Europe, employees that take care of their health are on average twenty three per cent more productive than workers who are in poor health.

Many of the companies that will deliver fruit to offices also will deliver milk to work places on a regular basis but which baby formula to buy. A wide range of well respected businesses in Australia now have fruit delivered to the work place on a regular basis as part of a plan to improve occupational health and wellbeing. Common inclusions in boxes of fruit delivered to the work place include apples, pears, kiwi fruit, bananas, mandarins, peaches, oranges, and more. Many of the office fruit delivery services that are out there in the market place are extremely happy to accept custom fruit orders with particular fruits or even vegetables included in a delivery either on a regular or an ad hoc basis. Rather than a regular work place treat, fruit hampers can also be a lovely ‘get well’ gift to send to ill staff members.