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Different Types Of Panniers And The Best Suitable Occasions To Give Them

Panniers are baskets or boxes that are filled with goodies. They make for some really classy and stylish presents that can fit into a large number of occasions and celebrations. It is also one of the most innovative methods of offering your best wishes these days. Here are some great options of different types of panniers and which occasions they suit the best.


Gourmet gift hampers are a great way to celebrate a house warming party or a visit to a friend’s place for a dinner. The pannier will usually consist of things like chocolates, cheese varieties, coffee and a range of other delicacies. You can buy these or get creative making your own one too so that the personal touch is much more present. You can pick a theme for this kind of basket and possibly look for luxury basket ideas online as a resource with which you can handcraft your very own basket for your loved ones.

Drinks and alcoholic beverages

A great idea for a get together, anniversary celebration, house warming event or any other formal occasion would be to give hampers for wine and champagne which will carry with it style and sophistication. However, this kind of basket will be a bit more expensive because the beverages that you choose to give will be the determining factor when it comes to prices. Look for good retail stores where you can buy some well reputed selections of white, red or rose wines. Throw in some sparkling drinks as well and if you have the ability to afford it, a great quality champagne will really be the cherry on the cake.

These baskets are rather unique because they have the idea of giving somebody the present of relaxation and luxurious comfort. You can ideally buy a basket made of rattan or coir or even sisal and fill it up with luxury soaps, bubble baths, bathing salts, lotions gels and other goodies that make a day at the spa possible from the comfort of their home. the only thing you need to pay attention to is whether the person who you are buying this for, is actually into spa therapies and if there are any products that they are allergic to because if you are hand making this, you will have to make sure that you avoid such products.


These can either be designed for a female or male partner and will completely depend upon this kind of goodies that they really enjoy. Ideally you can include things like chocolates, wine, some gadgets or gift items that they really like and other special little tid bits that will make them feel loved. There can be certain mistakes that ruin the prospect of a present for both the sender and the receiver.